shopfitting tips for painted furniture


A painted piece of furniture needs regular dusting with a moist textile. When dirty, wipe with an answer of delicate, non-abrasive detergent and heat water. Wring a textile nearly dry and work on a tiny low section at a time, then rinse with clear water. Dry the surface before continuing.

Waxes and polishes are typically not required. If waxes are used, use a white creamy sort on lightweight painted things to avoid discolouration. ne’er use oil or any polish containing oil. Avoid oil treated cloths. Hand rubbing any polish will harm painted decoration or trim.

Painted surfaces are {often|will be|is|may be} rigorously touched up with matching paint, however, the results often look patched. wherever attainable try and take away spots and scuff marks by laundry or improvement with social unit cleaners. Sanding can amendment the lustre of the sanded spot, particularly if the end has been antiqued. If in-depth harm has been done, the piece can like repainting.