tips painting on oil furniture


Cleaning oiled wood needs that you just blend: one pint linseed oil, one-pint gum turpentine and half-dozen oz. distilled white vinegar. Gum turpentine is ignitible however smells like recent wood, keep in mind to wear gloves.

Do not use around flames and avoid skin contact. Wipe the surface with a soft textile unfit within the cleansing answer. Never pour directly onto the wood. Allow a couple of minutes to loosen the dirt, then wipe off the surplus. All excess oil should be removed or it’ll attract dirt. To finish, rub with the grain.

NEVER USE wax or furnishings polish on oil finishes. Re-oil yearly with oil, or a product advised by the manufacturer. These oils harden once exposed to air and seal the wood. never use non-drying oils like oil for wood finishes for furnishings. Avoid oil dressing or too munificently because it can cause a hardened oil build-up. If this happens, use mineral spirits (paint thinner) to dissolve the residue.