Bespoke Shopfitting and Furniture Solutions

Proudly South African, Quadrant Designs have been working for nearly 20 years to manufacture high-quality, unique shop-fitting and furniture at their factory in Johannesburg. We design, manufacture and install interior design projects for the hospitality, retail, corporate and domestic markets in Southern Africa. We recently extended our scope of operations to include the design and manufacture of Home Office furniture and children’s furniture. In addition to South Africa, we work in Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania. We love what we do. This means we take pride in the work that we produce and that everything is done to a high standard. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. The more inviting the shop or office, the more visitors will be attracted, resulting in increased sales. We are proud to assist retail owners with the task of shopfitting their stores, offices and factories.


Housed within our Johannesburg-based manufacturing premises, we do our own component machining, CNC cutting, assembly and finishing for the South African markets. We specialise in all things timber. Quadrant Designs cover a wide range of industries including Corporate Solutions, Hospitality, Bespoke, Retail, Home Office, Kitchen, Construction Management, Children’s Furniture and PPE furniture for Businesses and Schools. We understand that every business, every shop, every client is different. We have the experience and the expertise to create the perfect solution that speaks to the vision and needs of our clients. By manufacturing a wide range of products, we are able to create a bespoke shopfitting solution that is in line with budgets and client specifications. With our manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer a wide range of furniture, including shopfitting, reception desks, seating, tables and cabinets.

We specialise in all things timber

Quadrant Designs’ services cover:

  • Corporate
  • Hospitality
  • Bespoke
  • Retail
  • Kitchen
  • Construction Management
  • PPE
  • Custom Kids Furniture
  • Work-from-Home solutions

Our team are design qualified to the highest standard, all of our furniture is designed, manufactured and installed in our factory in Johannesburg. From design to manufacture and installation we are with you every step of the way.

Part of Quadrant Designs’ machinery includes a hi-tech CNC machine that can be programmed to cut either custom components or reproduce the same component multiple times. cnc cutting

The advantages of CNC machining in the shopfitting industry are significant and provides customers with material benefits such as improved design, uniformity, lower costs, greater design accuracy and flexibility.:

  1. Accuracy: The component is consistently reproduced, ensuring uniformity in the design and in the end product.
  2. Timing: We are able to accurately assess the exact time a component or project will take to produce, ensuring timeous product  delivery.
  3. Labour and cost savings: The machine is usually run by only one person and performs a number of functions i.e. drilling, shaping and routing, reducing costs and eliminating errors.
  4. Templates:  Templates do not need to be made up. Once the programme is produced, the file is saved and becomes the template for future projects. Once the programme has been completed, it will include all necessary information such as material size and thickness, selection of routers/cutter and the number of passes the tools make to form the component. This enables our designers to review, months later, the information needed to reproduce the component by looking at the saved programme files.


Quadrant Design are shopfitting and furniture manufacturing specialists. Their expert team manufacture and install corporate interiors, provide hospitality and retail shop-fitting as well as custom-designed furniture and home solutions in Southern and Central Africa. Our corporate focus includes fitting reception areas, boardrooms, hotels, retail and golf estates. For the private home, we manufacture office desks and related furniture customised to meet employee-specific requirements as well as children’s furniture.