Work-from-Home Desks

Quadrant is able to provide off-the-shelf custom-designed desks and other office furniture for home and office use. We will take into account your ergonomic requirements and meet your staff needs. Our designs adhere to the necessary Occupational, Health and Safety standards.

We provide off-the-shelf custom-designed desks and home-office furniture:

Make work from home, work for you

Quadrant Designs manufacture work-from-home desks and work-from-home furniture for home offices. Because many of us are now working from home, we need to create a proper workspace that allows for minimal distractions, improved organisation and provides a more comfortable solution than working on a laptop at the kitchen table. Working from home should also have an ergonomic set-up to protect your sitting posture, as well as enable the desk to be comfortable to work at. Treat your workspace as a professional work area, where you are not being distracted. There is a time for household work, and work that needs to be done for an income. Having a properly designed desk and the environment will improve productivity, reduce stress and make working from home more enjoyable.

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