Trusted Construction Management Professionals

We have found that dealing with builders, tilers, plumbers is challenging at most times and have therefore started a construction / turnkey / construction management division within Quadrant Designs Manufacturing and Belgro Services.

One challenge when working with numerous suppliers is having “control” over specific areas where we need to work and achieve a close-to perfect finish. Areas such bathrooms, showroom spaces, accent areas, like clad walls etc, need to be made up and finished in a specific way to aid the joinery installation to ensure there are  a minimal number of problems, resulting in an excellent finish for the client. We have implemented this concept on a few projects and it has worked well.

Our construction team is headed up by our expert construction team, who has extensive experience in the construction of townhouse complexes, hospitals/clinics, schools, residential housing and commercial. The understanding that construction and wetworks is required to follow a specific path to complement the shopfitting aspect of the project for it to be fully understood. If we are able to better control the entire project then the finished product will be that much better, with minimal unplanned cost to client i.e. such as work having to be redone in order to get levels and finishes correct. This is our solution. We wouldn’t necessarily build the entire building, but we will build those areas critical to our work.

We are able to offer the following services to go with the joinery service already offered:

  • Drywalling
  • Plastered ceilings
  • Building works – i.e. brick and mortar work from foundation level up.
  • Electrical – with certification
  • Plumbing – with certification
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Roofing etc

Trusted Construction Management Professionals

We are currently finishing a project in Hazyview where the client has required us to provide management over local labour to complete a 5 star lodge on the Sabie river. This involves the full spectrum of managing locally-sourced sub-contractors, procurement of materials and transfer of skills and upskilling the local labour force with skills needed for 5-star finishes. To date, the project has been very successful and the lodge is looking to opening late 2020.

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